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Note: Used phone must be in working condition with display and body intact. Details will be verified at the time of pick up. For any query feel free to call us @ +91-9650002107

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which cities does “Sell n Cash” operate in?

    We currently buy devices from New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Mumbai.
  • Is there a limit on the number of devices I can sell at once?

    No. There is no limit of Devices you want to sale. If you would like to sell in bulk, you can call us on +91-9650002107 for further information.
  • Why sell a phone on Togofogo ?

    Togofogo offers great deals on used iPhones, iPads and other smart phones.
  • Will there be any home pick-up charges?

    No , Customers will not be charged for the home pickup service.
  • What are the advantages of using “Sell n Cash”?

    It offers a free, instant online price quote for your product on providing complete details of your product. If you accept the offer, the product needs to be verified by our trained engineers who will come at your door steps for evaluating the offered amount, Which will be paid to you after inspection.
  • How will i get paid for my product?

    We have multi payment options available to pay you as per your convenience like Cash, Wallets, NEFT etc.
  • What happens if the product I wish to sell isn’t working at the time of pick-up?

    In case the product, which you’ve listed as working, is not working at the time of pick up, you will be offered an alternate option based on different product condition. You can sell your product for an alternate price quote. If your product doesn’t falls in any of those options, we have to re-evaluate your product again.
  • Do i have to give away the charger of my mobile phone or laptop as well?

    No, you can keep the charger if you wish to but, that will affect the overall buyback price of your phone.
  • Do I need to submit copy of my ID proof to sell my device?

    Yes. This is a legal requirement as we need to verify the proof of ownership of each device we buy. This prevents trading of stolen goods and helps us knowing the identity of seller. Do not worry about misuse of your personal ID as our pick up executive will cross it in front of you after establishing your identity.
  • What about personal / confidential data that is stored on my device internal memory / SD card. Do I need to remove it myself?

    Yes. We recommend you to delete all your personal / confidential data from your device internal memory / SD card before giving it to our pick up executive.
  • I’ve lost the battery of my old mobile phone. Will you still buy it?

    Of course, we’ll buy it from you. Though, it may lead to some deduction in your final paid up amount, which you will receive by us.
  • My mobile phone/device is not listed on the website?

    We update our website all the time with new mobile phones/devices, so if it’s not listed, check back or email us at and we’ll try and find you a price.