Specification of Portronics Airway Por 521 USB Fan POR-522 Beige


Electronic gadgets have occupied a huge space in our everyday life. Be it your computer, gaming consoles or smartphones, these have become such inseparable commodities of our life that we cannot even dream of living without them. However, maintenance of these gadgets is equally important to continue their usage without any interruption. USB fans play a vital role in this direction and furthermore put the USB port into use for deriving power from it. USB ports come with the salient features of any modern electronic gadget. Airway on the prairie is one of the most innovatively designed USB fans available in the market. They serve endless purposes wherein cooling of laptops and PCs becomes the major use of this fan. Depending upon a customer’s needs, this particular fan design is available in a variety of sizes. Airway owns the ability to draw power up to 5 volts only. This power specification makes this fan an ideal choice to be installed for desktops. Laptops often face problems with the inbuilt cooling system. The life of the inbuilt cooling ends shortly. This gives rise to a bunch of problems including graphical errors and system lockups. What follows next is the entire functioning of the system ceases because of the breakdown of internal hardware. Airway can then be your knight in shining armour, restoring the functioning of your system by ensuring proper cooling. However, while using this product, make sure that power line and plug both are usable. Further ensure that while pulling out the plug, your hands are not wet. Turning off the switch before plugging out is always recommended. 1 Year Manufactrer Warranty

Technical Specification of Portronics Airway Por 521 USB Fan POR-522 Beige

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