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    Apple iPhone 5S 16GB Gold

    7,599 22,999

  • Certified Used

    Xiaomi Mi 4i 16 GB Grey

    5,449 12,999

  • Certified Used

    Lenovo K3 Note Black

    5,699 9,999

  • Certified Used

    Xiaomi Mi 4i 16 GB White

    5,199 12,999

  • Certified Used

    Apple iPhone 5S 16GB Grey

    7,367 22,999

  • Certified Refurbished

    Apple iPhone 5s 16 GB Silver

    7,999 22,999

  • Certified Refurbished

    BlackBerry Z10 16 GB Black

    5,758 19,999

  • Certified Refurbished

    Blackberry Q10 Black

    6,316 39,990

  • Certified Refurbished

    Blackberry Q10 16 GB White

    5,949 45,000

  • Certified Refurbished

    Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB White

    6,499 22,999

  • Certified Refurbished

    Blackberry Q5 Black

    5,758 13,999

  • Certified Used

    Sony Xperia C Purple

    5,399 14,990

  • Certified Refurbished

    HTC Desire 820 16 GB Dual Sim Grey

    7,999 23,000

  • Box Opened

    Lenovo A706 White

    5,399 12,999

  • Brand New

    Micromax Canvas A102 Doodle 3 White

    5,810 9,999

  • Certified Refurbished

    Sony Ericsson K750

    5,273 5,499

Buy Mobile Phones Online at Lowest Price on Togofogo

Mobile phones are the absolute necessities of our lives. I mean we can bitch about how much time we waste chatting and playing on it, but in the end, we ‘the millennia have a hard time living without it! But this evil necessity can also be an extremely expensive one! After all, mobile phones are expensive these days! And if you are looking at smartphones, then you better be prepared to save up for it. 

But there is one site that can help you get your dream phone without skipping a meal! So for this article, we compiled a list of some of the best deals we could find on cell phone at But before that, let us talk a little about the website first. With being the fastest growing website of its kind, togofogo has a huge range of cell phones belonging to different categories, namely, Refurbished, Pre-Owned, Box Opened and also Brand New which you can choose from based on what really suits your budget and requirements. Speaking from personal experience, Refurbished phones are the ones that work the best for me. They are literally new phones at almost throwaway prices, but it really just depends on from person to person. 

So, let's get started!

1. Motorola Moto X 1st Gen for just Rs. 6600 

This phone, originally priced at a bulky 20,000 Rupees can be yours with a 60% discount at a price that is more than worth it! Just a click away!

2. Samsung Galaxy S Duos at Rs. 3000 

One of the best phones of one of the best brands of phones is what you can get on togofogo for 3000 Rupees.

3. Philips E133 Black at just Rs. 950

This phone with the now vintage ‘qwerty’ keypad was all over the market when it first came out but then touch phones took over! But for all the people who were taken back by nostalgia, this phone can be your’s for just 950 bucks on togofogo.

4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini at just Rs. 8,000

One of the best phones to ever come out, this phone just has the perfect combination of size and features. Available at more than 50% off, this phone can be your’s at almost a throwaway price here.

5. Nokia 1110 Black at just Rs. 800

This evergreen phone is a special mention on this web page. It is a classic phone which is now being bid off on many eCommerce websites for huge prices, but you can make this solid (quite literally) and immune (I mean the battery never dies out) phone your’s at just 800 bucks! What more? You can take a walk down memory lane and play snake on it. 

And these, are just some of the options out of a huge (I mean huuuuuge) range of phones that they have. From Blackberry phones starting at 4,000 Rupees only (#BringBackBBM) to fancy iPhones, they have almost everything on their site at giveaway prices! So if you want to have a nice phone while not spending a lifetime’s worth of savings, so check them out!

PS, most of the phones come with a warranty (of up to two years) just to make sure that you get what you pay for and nothing less!

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