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Is it a Prudent Decision to Purchase Second-Hand Mobile Phones?

The concept of second-hand mobile phones has taken the global gadget arena by a storm. While certain individual still prefers purchasing new and unopened devices, staying behind the hardware curve helps save additional costs, in one way or the other. However, before we discuss more the financial and environmental benefits of purchasing second-hand smartphones, it is important to understand the nature of the devices, substantiality of the offered deals, and even the quality of the resold gadget.

Types of Second-Hand Phones

Used gadgets are further segregated into two categories i.e. pre-owned and refurbished ones. While the first set of smartphones are usually sold by individuals, the refurbished gadget market is a highly regulated one and involves retailers selling repaired and new-like devices at highly competitive rates. Therefore, it is advisable to learn about the gadgets in detail before zeroing in on the desired product.

More about Refurbished Smartphones

If an individual has already considered purchasing a second-hand mobile, all his or her attention must be towards refurbished smartphones. Although a majority of e-commerce websites and reliable online vendors like Togofogo offer certified refurbished gadgets at extremely nominal rates, the popularity of these gadgets is further enhanced by the fact that they also offer warranties. Different third-party retailers have diverse policies when it comes to offering warranties and even extra protection, in case the smartphone value exceeds a certain threshold.

How to Check a Used Mobile Phone for Functionality and Credibility?

Regardless of the type of gadget, it is advisable to check for device credibility and functionality while purchasing. The first step should involve checking the hardware and software for potential glitches if any. The buyer must emphasize on checking the device for socket-specific damages, bodily scratches, camera scratches, and even the gadget hygiene for finalizing the price with the seller. The best advice would be to approach the buy by taking along headphones, charging cable, and even a laptop for checking all the software and hardware-centric aspects of the second-hand device. That said, it is also important to check whether the device is a genuinely purchased model and the seller must be asked for a bill, even if the warranty period has expired. Nobody wants to purchase a device that’s stolen and eventually sold to the concerned buyer.

Individuals can check whether the second-hand phone is stolen or not by procuring the IMEI number and tallying the same over credible databases.

Be on the Lookout for Secret Codes

It is important for the buyer to be on the lookout for certain secret device codes, especially when it comes to purchasing used mobile phones or even if you are planning to sell used mobile phone then there are plenty of platforms where you can sell it easily. These self-testing codes are synonymous to most Android handsets including the likes of *#*#0*#*#* for checking the display and *#*#4636#*#* for getting hold of battery insights and usage stats. There are certain phone testing applications as well which can be immediately installed for learning more about the condition of the second-hand phone.

The Concept of Fair Price

Buyers need to understand that there aren’t any specific price points when it comes to purchasing second hand phone. The costs are mostly determined by the market sentiments and even the extent by which the person is behind the existing hardware curve. To be exact, certified refurbished smartphones cost way higher than their pre-owned counterparts courtesy the warranties on offer. Moreover, different devices have different price points which make it hard for buyers to make prudent decisions. Therefore, the fair price is something that can only be determined once the gadget condition and a host of other aspects are determined, before selling off the same. Lastly, a fair price point is something that pleases the buyer and seller, alike.

The Growth of Second Hand Smartphone Market

New devices are still quite popular but bigger brands like Apple and Samsung are increasingly hiking product prices for accommodating innovative features. Therefore, a majority of customers are willingly falling short of the current gadget curve and opting for older models which are still fairly priced. Those with greater budget constraints are opting for refurbished gadgets which are nothing but new devices with certain manufacturing or usage errors, eventually taken care of. This brings us to the conclusion that although new gadgets are still holding their ground, the global populace is increasingly prioritizing refurbished and pre-owned devices for satiating the smartphone requirements.

Mobile phones are no more luxuries but extremely basic requirements. However, it all comes down to the quoted price points, especially when a person is looking for value for money. That said, if an individual is looking to purchase a premium or even a mid-range smartphone with exceptional feature sets, he or she must readily be on the lookout for second-hand mobiles which are in good condition. This approach helps save a lot of money and even offers an extended set of options.




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