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Where to buy refurbished and pre-owned apple iphone from?

Saving money while buying Apple iPhone seemed to be impossible in India a few years ago. However, with the concept of refurbished and pre-owned Apple iPhone, it has become the best alternative. When it comes to buying pre-owned iPhones, you need not to think twice. These used phones are priced reasonably and undergo multiple quality tests. As a part of these tests, the quality of refurbished and pre-owned Apple iPhone is checked before stocking them. Want to know the source from where you can buy these phones? Togofogo is the one-stop destination for buying pre-owned, used, refurbished and box-opened smartphones.

This online marketplace has created a platform to buy pre-owned Apple iPhone at a comparatively lesser price. The vision of Soumitra Gupta, founder of togofogo was to make an ecosystem for buyers and sellers to utilize this platform for bringing forth deals of refurbished and pre-owned Apple iPhone and smartphones. Delivering economical mobile sale option has been among the chief highlights of this online marketplace. Apart from iPhone, togofogo has sold 3,50,000 units of pre-owned and refurbished phone in a span of three years.

Why you should rely on togofogo’s service?

Togofogo is a marketplace which creates best deals considering the requirements of sellers and buyers. It allows buyers and sellers to use tofogo’s logistics’ support while bridging the gap created in the offline market. Mr. Gupta realized the high potential of bringing in the refurbished and pre-owned Apple iPhone. He noticed that millions of people still prefer buying pre-owned mobiles rather than settling for the new iPhone with lesser specifications.

Besides, when it comes to repairing a mobile, togofogo extends support to its users. Most of the times, there are many users who look for the nearby solution for their devices. Taking into consideration, the very requisite, this online platform has included mobile repair services within its ecosystem. Isn’t it great that you can buy refurbished and pre-owned Apple iPhone and even get it repaired from togofogo? Well, it is indeed the dual purpose which gets saved from the single online marketplace. Repeat customer percentage of 25% has been witnessed on this website.

What is the assurance of the best quality?

At togofogo, you are in safe hands because buying refurbished apple iPhone at a lesser price is the biggest turning point in your shopping style. In addition to this, mobile phone repair is another milestone which lets you save money. This website offers dual perks to its customers where you need not pay the high price instead cut your cost by shopping online. In the unorganized market, togofogo has created an ecosystem where the buyers can easily access the variety of refurbished and pre-owned Apple iPhone and other smartphones. The website has attained 35% market share in the market with its business of refurbished and pre-owned mobiles.

The certified pre-owned and refurbished mobiles of different brands are also available at this online marketplace.

How do I access the services of togofogo?

You need not to toil hard to purchase refurbished or pre-owned Apple iPhone from this online store. In fact, you just need to visit and check out the trending deals. You can choose the best available refurbished and pre-owned Apple iPhone online and proceed with the checkout.

“Shopping for pre-owned Apple iPhone is simple and fun at togofogo.”


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