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Should we even consider purchasing an iPhone Clone?

Needless to say, an iPhone is an extremely elusive entity which is often given a miss by the customers, courtesy the exorbitant price tag. However, the status symbol associated with the iPhones often compels users to get hold of inferior models; precisely for lower prices. This approach eventually brings up the topic of iPhone clones or rather fake Apple-branded devices which are mostly purchased for enhancing the status quotient. Although used iPhone sale online allows individuals to often get hold of pre-owned devices at a decent and competitive rate, the fakes usually cost way less, even in comparison to the used models.

In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about the iPhone clones which are still quite popular buys and will also shed some light on whether a customer should opt for these cheapest possible options.

Why iPhone Clones are Purchased in the First Place?

Before we move further into this discussion, we need to understand why the fake iPhones are still selling like hotcakes despite the fact that certain online counters like Togofogo have quite a decent collection of used and refurbished smartphones.

Although used iPhones can be purchased, people still prefer iPhone clones for keeping up with the evolving brand image. A majority of individuals fail to understand the functionalities on offer and are only driven by the Apple branding. Another reason why fake iPhones sell is that they are way cheaper as compared to the refurbished devices. While the new and packaged iPhones are often beyond affordability, refurbished devices can also be hard to procure for a person with an extremely constricted budget. In most cases, the resale value of a good quality and relevant refurbished iPhone is often 75 percent of the original value which is still on the higher side for a lot of buyers. These are the most probable reasons for the fake iPhone inclination.

How Closely the Clones Resemble Original iPhones?

Put simply, iPhone clones look exactly like the original devices until someone starts using and interacting with them. Be it the sticker, availability of data cable, 1A charger, SIM ejector, or the earphones— anything and everything about the fake iPhone is hard to decipher, precisely in terms of visual assessment.

What Separate the Clones from original iPhones?

Obsolete Accessories

Accessories that come with the clone are essentially duplicated and are of the poorest possible quality. The 1A or any other charger supplied within the box is extremely low-powered and the charging cable that’s offered isn’t any good either. The pair of earphones available with the device sounds obnoxious and the acoustic quality is probably the cheapest one around.

Storage Woes

When it comes to delving deeper into the internal storage availability of the device, the clones usually have something in the ballpark of 40 to 60MB, despite the general settings showcasing 128GB. Moreover, there isn’t any SD card support to work with which eventually kills off the gadget functionality.

Unusable Applications

Although the clones have a few applications installed, it is nearly impossible to use any of them. Firstly, the browsers are unresponsive and do not support website surfing. In addition to that, even the third party surfing browsers are rendered dysfunctional on these fake iPhones. The existing Bing search engine ends up working at times but not before a delay of 5 to 10 minutes.

Pathetic Shooters

While the iPhones are expected to have exceptional camera units, the clones come with pathetic shooters which are at par with basic 5MP units found on some of the entry-level smartphones.

Questionable Battery Capacity

An iPhone clone has a battery that drains even when the device is turned off. While it takes an eternity to charge the device, the battery drain is probably the fastest among smartphones. An hour of nominal usage is expected to eat up almost 90 percent of the battery life. Once discharged completely, the phone won’t turn on unless the charger is connected.

Performance Issues

Despite being an iPhone clone, the concerned gadget fails miserably when it comes to replicating the performance of the original. The apps are unresponsive whereas the processor doesn’t allow multitasking to even a minimal extent. Switching between different applications takes an eternity whereas the lack of substantial ROM impacts the overall performances, quite negatively.

While these are some of the worst aspects of using an iPhone clone, the long list of woes continues as the fakes are only capable of supporting 2G networks. What’s even more painful to experience is the lack of app functionality where some of the most popular options like FaceTime are only projected as placeholders. Lastly, the fakes never come with responsive fingerprint scanners. Either the home button embedded scanner doesn’t work or the device can be opened with any fingerprint.

Although the iPhone lowest price conundrum can be addressed by opting for a fake gadget, clones aren’t expected to offer the same or even half the functionality offered by the original iPhones. This is why it is always advisable to opt for pre-owned or certified refurbished gadgets if the new iPhones are way beyond the budget.


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