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Easy Tips to Protect Your Privacy and Increase Security by Using Android

The smartphones are more intricately connected ecosystem of applications that allow users to access information at their fingertips. Your smartphone is the most vital asset that includes all of the valuable information. So, protecting your smartphone against hacking, spyware, viruses and other threats is very important to prevent vulnerabilities.

For any mobile that contains all of your personal information need proper encryption to keep your data private and secure. There are many cases when tech giants peep inside your privacy, act like eavesdrop and claim that they don’t do anything. All such internet fraudsters predict a business to trick you into giving out your personal information. Such malicious attempts can be easily avoided by taking care of the data stored on your smartphones. So, in this article, we are guiding you about some of the handy tools available in the Android operating system that you should use to safeguard your mobiles from malicious activities.

We rely so much on our smartphones that for every single detail we need it. Whether it is checking our bank details, sending texts, online shopping, storing documents and finding the path to different restaurants through navigation, our smartphones are the crucial companion. In the modern age of technology, the privacy of our smartphones is hindered due to a connected world. Almost every action we take online is viewed by someone as our devices are under surveillance all the time. This is the reason why Android has developed several privacy-features that gives you some of the best ways to protect data on Android smartphones.

Some Crucial Android Security Features to Protect Your Privacy

Let us take you on a journey where you can explore some of the top features of Android mobiles which can prevent access to unauthorized apps and people

Secure Your Lock Screen to Protect Your Smartphones

The first line of defense for any smartphone is its lock screen. By using a passcode, PIN or fingerprint scanner, you will enable the minimum level of security that everyone should use in their smartphones. But it is quite shocking to admit the facts from the reputable survey in early 2016 which suggested that almost 34 percent of Android users never used the basic lock screen feature that is built for a security purpose. So, it is very important to enable this basic feature for keeping your phone secure from unwanted people. To use this feature just go on to the settings of your smartphones, then click on the security and select screen lock.

Device Encryption for Preventing Privacy Concerns

Enabling a password or pin for your lock screen is the primary step for privacy protection, still, highly skilled and smart criminals can easily snatch the data present in your smartphones. In all such cases encryption play an important role that will put all your files in a format which cannot be understood without decrypting them with the password or key defined by you. To use this feature you need to navigate to the settings menu, select security and choose encryption to increase the defence system against the suspicious people trying hard to get access to your data.

Avoid Installing Apps from Unknown Sources

At times, you will be attracted towards an app that is not available in play store. Also, the apps listed on Google Play Store are securer than any other app available from distinct sources. The Play Store provides Google Play Protect that enhances the security system by scanning your device apps and keeping your handset, data, and apps secure more than anything. So, avoid installation from unknown sources because all such apps are only looking for stealing your data. To prevent your device from getting exposed to unknown sources, just change the current settings of your handsets by clicking on settings menu and selecting security option. You can easily avoid such unknown sources by toggling unknown sources on and off.

Keep Your Phone Updated

Many times, updating your software is considered to be a tiresome as well as time-consuming task. Yet it is very important to keep your mobile phone updated all the time as it will bring huge transformation to the interface. You must know that the major reason for an update is a privacy concern because the app-makers and company owners make modifications in their software only when they have found some security flaws in it. So, each time you get any notifications for updating any OS then don’t avoid it, instead take it seriously and stop delaying it for more days to protect the privacy of your Android smartphones.

Install Powerful Antivirus on Your Smartphone

We use smartphones for distinct purposes from downloading and surfing content to installing and using various apps that will increase the chances of getting hacked by hackers. In such a case, installing a good antivirus must be our first priority to protect the privacy of our Android smartphones. You will find various antivirus apps in a play store for data protection that can remove malicious files, junk and viruses. The most common antiviruses used by the people are Avast, AVG Free and Clean Master that are available in the Play Store for free. But we recommend you to buy Norton and Kaspersky Android antivirus apps for enhancing the protection of your android mobile phones. These are great antivirus apps that will notify you with an alert message beforehand whenever you will access any malware website. It will keep your browsing experience safe and secure as you will remain updated about the security status of various websites. It will notify you about the website you visit is safe for browsing or not.

So, stay vigilant and aware of potential security threats that may intrude in the privacy of your smartphone anytime and cause issues both in terms of data security and worm activity.


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