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The Impact of Cold Weather on Smartphones: A Detailed Analysis

Although India isn’t a country where sub-zero temperatures can be an issue, there are certain things which a traveller or even a person visiting inaccessible locations must keep in mind, in regards to a smartphone. Firstly, it is important to note that dropping temperatures can negatively impact the longevity of an electronic gadget. Therefore, individuals must be mindful of the precautions which need to be taken if a mobile phone is to be kept in proper working condition during the winter chills. Moreover, if the impact of cold weather on smartphones isn’t ascertained beforehand, there are chances that the device will start facing issues; thereby making mobile phone repair a commonplace.

Why Cold Weather Negatively Impacts the Smartphone Health?

Before we start talking about the scientific aspects of this discussion, it is important to understand that companies like Apple have prescribed a functional temperature range of 32 degree F to 95 degree F for the likes of iPads and iPhones to work properly. However, temperatures lower than the lowest prescribed range is expected to cause a few gadget-specific issues, including the likes of touchscreen problems, minimized battery life, and charging difficulties. That said, the foremost reason behind the irregularities has to be the existence of lithium-ion batteries which are extremely sensitive to temperature as compared to their alkaline counterparts. What’s alarming to know is that in case of dropping temperatures, the chemical reactions inside the battery slow down considerably and the above-mentioned issues are encountered. Once the reactions slow down, the battery stops producing the required amount of power which eventually interferes with the device condition. However, the smartphone processor considers the lack of power production as a proper battery issue and therefore minimizes performances and even shuts down the device at times. One encouraging aspect is that issues emanating out of frigid temperatures are extremely temporary and the device comes back to normal working conditions once the surrounding temperature starts rising.

What Precautions can be taken?

Frankly speaking, it’s next to impossible to control the weather and this is why taking precautionary measures to protect the device while the mercury nosedives, is the best possible alternative. Firstly, a majority of mobile phone repair companies prefer releasing detailed studies regarding smartphone care, especially during winters. What’s interesting to note is that if these strategies are followed, not necessarily in the same order, it is possible to keep the device is working condition, even if sub-zero temperatures are encountered.

The first idea is to minimize smartphone exposure by shielding it against inclement weather conditions. The best way forward, therefore, is to keep the device in a bag or even a purse. Even if the user is forced to go out during winters, it is advisable to keep the mobile phone in the coat or the trouser pocket for protecting the same. Another approach is to make use of an insulated phone case that offers thermal protection.

There are chances that the smartphone switches off automatically if the temperature starts dropping below a certain threshold. This eventually puts a lot of undue pressure on the internal components. Therefore, it is advisable to switch off the device manually, in order to prolong its life. A user must only consider turning the device on if proper temperature is encountered. Even in that case, it is important to charge the smartphone and give it some to recuperate. Another advice is to keep a power bank handy in case there is an emergency. Lastly, an individual must not keep the smartphone enclosed overnight in a car as there are chances that the temperatures might even drop lower than usual.

In most cases, these precautions are expected to minimize the problems faced by the users in regards to a mobile phone. However, if the smartphone keeps showing signs of irregularities despite the individual following each one of the mentioned precautions, it is advisable to contact experienced technicians. Online startups like Togofogo Repairs are best suited for the job as they offer personalized, doorstep delivery services to the clients, provided smartphone issues are encountered. That said, there is not a lot to worry about if the device starts showing weird signs during winters as from a technical point of view it’s only the battery that has slowed down and that too temporarily.


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